Thermal Observations

June 6th, 2008

One of the most staggering claims of the Earthships is that they can withstand temperatures that range from 30 below freezing to 40 degrees above freezing and yet maintain a steady 19 degrees or so without any heating.

This is achieved by a combination of thermal mass in the form of thick earth filled tyre walls and correct alignment with the winter sun angle.

I got up today to find a sprinkling of snow on the foothills of the mountains and ws suprised how chilly the outside was. I had previously seen a thermometer inside the house always showing 18-21 degrees and decided to take it outside. It was 10 degrees cooler. The Earthships maintain a steady temperature from the thermal mass stored in the Earth walls. It really is quite amazing

Snow on the mountainsTemperature at 19 degrees C in the earthshipTemperature at 8 degrees C outside the earthship

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